Winter Mei Tais

Christmas is over, the hectic days of the holidays are passed–treat yourself to something new!  These winter mei tais feature prints that are warm for days you want to cozy up with your baby, and prints that are cool for days you want to feel fresh and new. The brown and blue mei tais have embroidered corduroy for the body, with white and purple silk brocade as the front decorative panel. Get yourself a fresh new look for running around town with your precious baby! Go check them out here!


I am very excited that one of my mei tais got featured in a blog post! Go check it out here!

I thought I would tell you all about my current favorite mei tai.  I absolutely love this black one. The corduroy is so soft, it feels a little like velvet. And the black print is simply to die for. Gorgeous flowers, with gold, silver, and even hints of brown. If I didn’t already have this one listed, I think I would make it part of my holiday collection, which I’ll be listing this weekend.  I only have one available at this time, so pick it up and make it part of your holiday gathering accessories!

This is a test run…

…at having a blog with pictures and information about my business, Clothed In Scarlet.